Tell me a little bit about yourself. What’s your background/career path?

Hey! My name is Prisca and I’m the founder of a marketing agency called Moyesa & Co., and we help brands connect with culture via strategy, creative and original content creation, that’ll resonate at scale.

Prior to  shifting the focus to Moyesa & Co., I  got my start in social media/brand consultancy with freelancers and startups,  where I was best known for culturally attuned marketing  strategies and  creative work across a variety of industries including fashion, music, poetry, STEM, education and  healthcare.


Tell me about your agency. What is it you do and what prompted you to start up your own?

I was born in Grenoble, France and was raised in Dagenham, by two Congolese parents. Constantly spending the holidays in Grenoble taught me not only how to speak the language, but learn and connect with different cultures whilst still keeping my identity. I have since met so many people with similar stories to mine (being multicultural in London) but have felt underrepresented. So I wanted to work for an agency that not only embraced cultural diversity but diversity of thought that had to ability to inspire creative output, but couldn’t find one, so I created my own.


What do you think are the most important issues for developing your company culture?

An open mind is necessary. One that truly embraces different thought processes and cultures for sure. Without that, the work environment can feel quite hostile. It’s all about inclusivity.  


What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a woman in business?

Perception. Most people judge before you before you open your mouth, so I happen to deal with assumptions too often. They see a Black woman, that looks young (I’m 25) and assume I know very little and have done not so much. This is false, and has sometimes affected me getting into meetings and connecting with people at events.


The Wow Company’s recent survey of 471 agency owners across the UK has the figures as Female 27% – Male 73%. Can you share your thoughts on this?

Well… what can one say but wow? We need more women, but not so much less men, it’s that simple. I have made it my duty to go hard for my agency and hire women intentionally. Those numbers will only now shift if our mindsets do.
Do you have a mentor, or are you a member of an agency owner community?

I do have two mentors. Bloody fantastic people. Ade Onilude of Women in Marketing and Patrick Clarke from UK Power Networks. I am also a part of The Agency Collective. Love em’.


Do you feel as a female agency founder, they offer the level of support you need? 

I think they try to. So far so good. It would be great for more of the bigger publications to focus more on women and make sure that there’s a strategy that’s purposely inclusive.


What other female founders inspire you?

Selma Nicholls from Looks Like Me for sure. She’s fantastic!


What do you think makes a great agency?

Diversity of thought for sure. Bring loads of different backgrounds together, couple it with maturity and you’ll garner some excellent work.


What would be your one piece of advice to future female leaders?

Go super hard, be the best at your craft. Yield results. Know you’ve got this even when you don’t feel like it and go for everything with regard to clients because the no’s are a great lesson and the yeses will give you the greatest joy and outcomes.